Body NV Distributors is a boutique distributor for hair, beauty and health products.

We are located in Trinidad & Tobago. We service the island, as well as distribute products in Barbados and Grenada. Product availability and prompt, professional service are our trademarks.

Body NV searches for the best breed of products to distribute in its markets. We spend a lot of time searching for quality products that have passed all the testing trials and are marketable at an affordable price point. Once Body NV signs up to represent a product line, we commit to always having stock on location for quick availability for our clients. 

Body NV carries both professional and retail lines of products. Depending on the target market, we have the ability to reach our customers in the most cost effective manner.

Body NV is continually looking to develop its product offering in all sectors of interest. Look for us to add some leading edge products that allow us to expand our footprint in our key markets.

De Fabulous

De Fabulous is a leading innovator of Keratin hair treatments and solutions that push the professional hair care and styling industry to its limits. Known more simply as DF, this sulfate-free, US luxury brand is an affordable professional hair care line, free of chemicals that can damage your hair.

Amazon Series

Amazon Series, the ultra-premium line from De Fabulous, finds its roots in the Amazon Rainforest. Using plant and fruit extracts from this lush forest, the antioxidants, vitamins and intense moisturizing capabilities help restore balance while maintaining your hair’s integrity of being completely natural.

Silky Professional Color Care

Silky from Italy is inspired by essentiality, purity and rigor and transfers these values to every product. Its 100+ color palette gives you infinite coloring possibilities. And these cream-based colors deliver 100% grey coverage and meets the needs of the modern and most demanding customers.


ERGO Styling Tools are the top of the line for the perfectionist who understands the "Art of the Blow Dry". These professional styling brushes are designed so they are easier to use, ergonomically friendly to the stylists body and deliver longer lasting shiny hair. With thirty years of development behind Ergo technology, ERGO brushes are the healthy solution for experienced hairstylists.

Faby Nails

Faby from Italy is one of Europe's most innovative and progressive nail care brands. Known for its large array of the most modern colors, these long lasting, durable nail lacquers and gels are proudly cruelty-free and free from harmful chemicals (actually 10 Free). With gels, sculpted nails and lacquers from which to choose, Faby clients enjoy perfect nails to suit any outfit and occasion!


Depilève is the global benchmark in professional waxing systems, distributed in over 90 countries. This leading waxing line from Spain believes that a comprehensive professional waxing system should cover a wide range of cosmetic products for both before and after waxing. With microwavable jars or traditional heated tins, Depileve wax is ready for customers in just minutes. Your pampered customers are sure to always come back for their waxing treatments.

Pulp Riot

Pulp Riot empowers hairstylists to think of themselves as artists, the hair as the canvas, and provides them with the paint to create their masterpieces. Founded in 2016, this vibrant hair color is a direct dye that applies directly to the hair without using any developer. It is also vegan, gluten-free & cruelty free while providing an incredible shine!

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