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Body NV is a boutique distribution company for beauty and personal care products. We help salon professionals and aestheticians in Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean give the best care to their clients by using better than “best” products. We’re hands on, responsive and work personally with our customers to ensure they have everything they need. Body NV isn’t just about fulfilling orders, we provide a community of experts and the resources needed for salon professionals to do their best work ever.

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There’s the “best” brands and then there’s better than the “best”.

Body NV supplies better beauty products because we are superior quality focused! We believe that every salon client wants to feel confident knowing that they’ll get great results that lasts longer. We know to get longer lasting results our customers don’t need the “best” brands, they need better than the “best”. Our team spends an excessive amount of time researching products, ensuring that they meet the specialized needs of our customers and their clients, are professional, high quality and passed trials and market testing. Body NV also avoids distributing competing product lines because we stand by the quality of our brands. We work tirelessly to also ensure that when our customers need products, our products are always available. With Body NV there are no gaps in product availability or distribution.

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We provide training for our beauty and personal care professionals. We know that to be the best at anything, community is absolutely important. When salon professionals and estheticians join the Body NV community they get access to in-person and online product and technique training. These are open to both our new and existing customers. Our sales team and beauty care experts are always willing to help and share our learning resources.
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