health's delight

Winner of Canadian Agri-Food Award of Excellence! Natunola® health's delight brand of Shelled Flax is like no other flax on the market!  Before now, flax was only available in 2 forms: whole flaxseed and ground (or milled) flaxseed. Thanks to our research team, along with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, we developed a totally new way to process this nutrition packed seed!

Whole flaxseed normally passes undigested through the human body.  While good for regularity, it does not generally allow your body to digest the nutritional benefits of the inside of the seed, namely the flax "kernel". The kernel holds the flax oil which is the source of Omega-3.   

Shelling flax solves these problems! This patented process allows us to take off the outer shell to isolate the kernel.  Now, with the hard shell taken off, your body can absorb the Omega-3 oil found inside. All Natunola® health's delight Shelled Flax products have a minimum shelf life of one year - no refrigeration required!


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Oat Rice

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Go beyond breakfast, Otelia Oat Rice offers an innovative way to enjoy the goodness of oats. 

High in fibre and selenium, Otelia Oat Rice can be used as a substitute for regular white or brown rice to enhance, making any rice-based dish tastier and more nutritious. It fully retains the natural full flavour of oats, it has a unique soft yet chewy texture, different from and regular type of rice. Ready to cook, easy to digest, Otelia Oat Rice can be enjoyed by young and old alike -- a natural nutritious addition to any meal, and part of a healthy lifestyle for your family.

Now available in a 500g package -- easy to carry and ready to cook.


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