Available Training and Certification

De Fabulous Certification

The De Fabulous keratin line of products are 100% salon exclusive treatments and home care products. Learn the smoothing techniques for Kerafusion and Hair BTX, our beautox hair volumizing and hydration treatments perfect for both hair and extensions.

You will also be shown the entire line of shampoos & conditioners with their truly amazing wash treatments.

This is the perfect line for the salon that deals with many types of hair and hair conditions.


Amazon Series Certification

The Amazon Series, also from De Fabulous, is an exclusive premium-line keratin smoothing and conditioning treatments like no other. Featuring formaldehyde-free systems with long lasting effects that will leave your clients in awe. These classes will show you how to unleash the secrets of the Amazon to give you stunning results.

The Amazon series has its own line's shampoo and conditioning products to help protect your clients’ investment in their hair. There is also a choice of oils and a multi-purpose restorative leave-in treatment.

This line is for your discerning clients who demand perfection.


Silky Coloration Certification

When we say Italy, you think quality and in this case, you would be right.  Our Silkly color line from Italy leaves hair silky soft with maximum gray coverage and longevity. During the certification process, you will be shown how to get the most out of our 90 color palette.

When your clients want more than just the naturals and want to push their own color limits, our Silky coloration experts will show you how you can achieve your desired results. 

Our trainers know hair and they know color!


Kanani Mole, Skin Tag & Wart Removal Training

Kanani has the best non-surgical all natural skin blemish removal system.  Our half-day certification class shows you how to remove moles, skin-tags and warts through a safe and simple process.  You will also learn how to assess and price procedures.

This course is a must for any esthetician who wants to offer the full beautification process to their clients.